March 3, 2022
by Admin


So, I have a Google Alert setup for our company, and in the past few weeks I’ve gotten some alerts that these random sites are writing about us…

Looks to me like they are semi-bogus sites trying to push folks to buy these “market research” reports, which I’m sure are 10/10 on data points and accuracy because what I found interesting is who we’re being lumped in with. Both articles talk about Medical Billing Services…but most of the other companies on the lists are software vendors or fully offshored shops. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about why we are NOT like anyone on this list…

1) We are not a software company. We are a service business that loves tech.

85% of medical billing companies use less than 5 billing systems. We’re in and out of 30+ every day. We leverage middleware and plugins to help our billing clients for appeals automation, patient RCM automation and even locating missing insurance plans. Our internal tech stack is 35 lines deep with tools we use to drive efficiency and quality of service. It makes us different…but we’re not a PM/EMR/EHR who has a service business they spun up as a second thought. We are a service provider.

2) We don’t serve every specialty. We have a niche – plastic surgery medical billing and dermatology medical billing.

All these programs that stand up offshore service businesses to capture more revenue and/or 85% of other medical billing companies don’t focus on a specialty. They go after everyone. There are 20K CPTs and 60K ICD10s and endless levels of nuance therein for billing in general. We focus…just like our clients. So we can be better.

3) We are not an offshore shop. We are a global company.

Most billing companies buy seats in what is called a BPO Model…where they rent seats in a different company for decreased labor costs to drive margins. Everything gets done offshore and cheap…and then you get a pretty voice once a month who comes to chat with you about reports. I was RABIDLY against outsourcing when I started my business. 10 years later, we’ve done it, we do it, and we’re proud of our partners. It is hard to find good BPO companies or even decent ones and there’s even more who suck. We’ve got two that we love. So how are we different? Proof is in the pudding of how we use our teams.

a) We all work remotely…even in the US. So our culture and interactions are the same between any two staff members, direct hire or otherwise. We’ve been remote since before it was cool. We know how it’s done. We can instill our culture in our partners and work cohesively.

b) We have tight controls on workflow. All Coding, Customer Service, Claims over 2K or 2 Denials, Escalations, Project Work…all run by our onshore, 5-10 years experience, RCM/POC (SuperBillers) who OWN their accounts front to back and are responsible for their limited teams. We take really smart dermatology billers and plastic surgery billers and elevate them from tacticians to managers and strategists. Not only is this a better service product, it is a way we can uplift our folks to give them a greater earning potential in the market and have a better job as a foundation for their real lives!

c) We’re straight up about how we work. We talk about it in sales. We talk about it with our clients. Ask away. We do things transparently and with communication because they are core values for our company. Most just do this behind the scenes and don’t say a word.

This year, one thing I’m MOST proud of, is while we were working on job leveling we had some really challenging talks about how we handle career development and growth potential for our international direct hire teammates…because that is our focus longterm. “Why should they not get the same ladder as anyone else because of where they sit” we had to ask ourselves? What about the sad fact that ethnocentrism is a thing? What about the bad rap outsourcing gets? We landed on if you’re on our team, we stand behind you and everyone gets the same opportunity for growth no matter what…based on merit. If someone doesn’t want to work with us because of where a member of our team sits…they aren’t the customer we’re looking for anyways.

d) Culture > everything…if you can’t feel it in how we talk about how we work…give us a ring and we can tell you more. I can’t recall who I’m stealing this line from, but we drink our own champagne here at Auctus!

e) We do a lot more than billing. Auths. Contracting. Bookkeeping. Staffing. Consulting…we want to be a one stop shop for our clients. Take what you want. Leave what you don’t.

Anyhow…not sure I’d recommend buying the research articles, but thought it might be a good setup to talk about some of our differentiators. We’re an open book so call with questions!

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