You handle the patients. We'll handle the business.

We take pride in helping our clients pick up the slack where they need it, when they need it.

Whether we’re talking about services adjacent to billing/revenue cycle management, staffing, training, operational development, or more involved strategic planning and action, we can help.  Anything boring or back-office, we got you!

Prior Authorizations, Benefit Estimations, & Case Valuations

Contract Negotiations & Carve Outs

NGA Healthcare offers a turnkey solution for negotiating your rates and guarantees that will get your practice a meaningful rate increase or there is no cost to you.  There is virtually no risk in working with NGA on your rates.  NGA Healthcare has successfully negotiated a rate increase for 100% of our clients, so please schedule a complimentary consolation to learn how we can increase your bottom line!

What, you thought we did it all ourselves?  When we can’t be the best, we partner with the best.

Training. Analytics. Community.

The APX Platform is a cloud-based business intelligence, training, educational, and data analytics solution for aesthetic practices. The easy-to-use APX Platform optimizes employee productivity and increases practice profitability through training, analytics, and community.

Looking for RCM/Billing training? Guess which talking head is featured on APX for that topic…

Staffing & Training

Workflow Analysis

Not sure if your team is running things efficiently?  We can assess your process, recommend changes, implement improvements, and enable you with the ability to actually track how your team is operating with KPIs.

KPI = Key Performance Indicator


You should call us if that was an airball for you.

IT Assessment

Tired of things breaking being your sign to ask for a fix?  Most practices aren’t HIPAA compliant, secure, reliable, or redundant in their IT infrastructure. Not every IT problem is a nail, and most IT companies only operate like a hammer. Let our team give you the 411 on what your needs are.


…you must know this one…right?