Medical Billing For Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

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70% of BillCos don’t work nationally

75% of BillCos don’t specialize

80% of BillCos use >5 programs


We are a national, aesthetic-focused, tech-leveraged firm using over 30 billing programs a day.  We own being different.

We do billing a bit different...

Automated Appeals

Imagine all your appeals templates in one system where the patient and claim data populate with just a few clicks.  No more Word Docs.  No more PDFs.

What if that system was smart enough to read denial codes and select the right template for you?

What if all you had to do was review “is this right” instead of figuring out “what do I do next?”

With Appealio by Docvocate, you can.

We love this tech so much, we use it with all our clients at no extra cost.

Automated Patient RCM

Imagine your patients getting a text or an email with a one-click-to-pay option that automatically posts the payment back to your billing system.  No humans.  No human error.

What if your patients could chat billing questions right from their phone to your billing team?

What if you only had to press send once and your patients got automated reminders for 90 days instead of one piece of snail mail per click?

With Inbox Health, they can.

We love this tech so much, we provide it to our clients for free.

We do more than the traditional medical billing companies


Are your numbers a black hole?  Not sure what your biller is doing?  Sick of waiting for reports?

We’ve got a solution for you. is built to illuminate your billing.


A homebrew product brought to you by Auctus!

Coming soon…

Stupid. Simple. Coding.

Sick of coding?  Have trouble submitting your billing timeline?  Done with printing paperwork from the OR?

We’ve built a better mousetrap. is exclusive to Aesthetic Medicine.


Another homebrewed product brought to you by Auctus!

Coming soon…


Dermatology Coding

Dermatology is all about details, from diagnosing skin conditions to choosing the right treatment plans. But when it comes to coding, missing details can mean missed revenue. That's where our Dermatology Coding services come in. We dot the I's and cross the T's on every code, making sure your claims are as precise as your diagnoses. Relax and focus on your patients' care – leave the codes to us!

Plastic Surgery Coding

In plastic surgery, every incision and suture is important, and the same goes for coding. Precision in medical coding for plastic surgery isn't just nice to have; it's a must. Our Plastic Surgery Coding services ensure that every procedure, no matter how complex, is coded accurately. This means better reimbursements and fewer headaches for you.