Finance & Medical Bookkeeping

Are you watching your bottom line or your bank account balance?

We keep an eye on your bottom line, helping you make the right decisions to grow your practice.

Our comprehensive financial services were designed with our clients’ needs and goals in mind. Our job is to provide you with financial peace of mind, so you can focus on what matters: treating patients.

Medical Bookkeeping


The name of the game with credit card companies is usually just barely undercut the last guy and maximize profit while tacking on add-on charges. Not with us.  Low rates.  No hidden fees. No BS contracts. Webpay.  Cellphone fob. ApplePay etc., on the desk device.  Integrations. All of it without the gimmicks and games.

This is our loss leader.  We save you money while you get easy access to payments.  Go with your integrated partner – we support it!  But take our quote back, so they don’t rake you over the coals, please!!


Bringing on a partner? Building out the office?  Finally launching that ASC? Use a team that knows your industry and approves without the excess paperwork and traditional overly-conservative underwriting.

There are other options out there, and we want the right fit for you, but also our CEO can call theirs, and he’ll say “no”…but at least we have the number to make the call, right?

Financial Management

Vendor and Contract Management

We know your vendors and market rates and can keep an eye on your profit and loss statements to make sure your expenses are staying slim.

Worst case scenario, we play good cop, bad cop. Let us beat ’em up while you do the good cop thing and ask for them to sharpen the pencil.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Not sure what this is? Don’t sweat it.  Think bookkeeping, but proactive instead of reactive. With our Clockwork partnership, our clients get a one-click solution to automate business planning.

Adding a new midlevel? Curious how long until your breakeven on your new device purchase. With Clockwork, our clients can model out business decisions so they can see the impact before they jump. Plan your future business growth…don’t just hope for it.