Business Development

Pro Formas so you can plan your growth.


Add a location, provider, device with intent.


Strategically expand your verticals.

Expand with purpose and by design. You may be looking to add a new service vertical, provider, device, location, or all of the above. Do it, but do it with a plan, a process, and a strategy so you know what success looks like and when you’ll get that return on your investment.

Business Intelligence


Are your numbers a black hole? Not sure what your biller is doing? Sick of waiting for reports?

We’ve got a solution for you. is built to illuminate your billing.

Delivery Driven Consulting

We aren’t the stopwatch consultants who bill by the minute. We aren’t the flat fee per month and call us for anything either. We believe in defined projects with defined outcomes and a set fee, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Operations, technology, finances…we got you. From sales and marketing to SEO, we’ve got great partners for you.


Yellow Telescope

The results speak for themselves. Nearly every practice with which YellowTelescope has worked in a long-term capacity has grown by $100,000 to over $1,250,000 in their first year – an amazing result during one of the worst economic periods in our nation’s history. So what exactly do we do?

YellowTelescope helps doctors grow their aesthetic or elective practices, whether they are solo practitioners or within a group practice, in exactly 3 ways: YellowTelescope offers executive Medical Training Seminars, industry-focused Medical Staffing, and a progressive Long-Term Oversight to improve overall Sales, Management, & Leadership Skills within your office.


The APX Platform is a cloud-based business intelligence, training, educational, and data analytics solution for aesthetic practices.

The easy-to-use APX Platform optimizes employee productivity and increases practice profitability through training, analytics, and community.