The Best Dermatology Billing Software Programs

August 15, 2018
by Admin

With many medical billing softwares on the market, it is difficult to select the right one. There are numerous options to consider. Do you want a comprehensive package? Or just revenue management? Do you need iPad compatible software? Or just desktop? Lastly, do you want general software or one for your medical specialty?

This list contains four of the best dermatology billing softwares on the market, as well as an evaluation of their features. Each service offers personalized demos from their respective websites.

If billing software seems cumbersome or impractical, consider outsourcing to a dermatology billing company.

Modernizing Medicine 

Modernizing Medicine (modmed) is an advanced medical software creator, specializing in many areas, including Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Orthopedics. They won seven awards in 2018 for their premium Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, but they offer many additional services, including billing systems and practice management. All of their products are fully integrated.

Their services can be used on desktop computers in limited capacity,  but are completely compatible with all mobile devices (iPads, smartphones, Apple Watch). The best device to use with modmed is the iPad, as many features are optimized for this device.

EMR/EHR System

Modmed’s award-winning EMR system, EMA is an adaptive mobile software optimized for iPad usage. It offers a variety of services, from ePrescribing to an effective patient portal. It also has  faxing capabilities and includes the following benefits:

Streamline Documentation

iPad EMR systems eliminate cumbersome typing – you can write directly on the touchscreen while standing in front of your patients. With a couple clicks, you can generate consent forms, requisitions, bills, and test orders. EMA also comes with built-in codes for ICD-10, essentially automating your coding process.

Patients can sign consent forms directly on your iPad, eliminating the need to print out and file additional copies. You and your medical staff can also take needed pictures with your iPad and attach them directly to the patient’s record.

Engage Patients

EMATM allows you to explain diagnoses and procedures to patients using diagrams, photos, and drawings. It includes many easy-to-use tools that generate patient-friendly reports and visuals.

Simplify your Process

The EMA software is adaptive. It uses your unique physician username to remember your preferences – from surgery settings to diagnoses and treatments you favor. The extensive medical database linked to EMA contains thousands of recognized diagnoses and treatments.

When a diagnosis is selected, the system can provide different plans of action: popular, medicines, procedures, lab tests, prescriptions, etc.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Shorten wait times with the innovative patient portal and kiosk offered by EMA. It allows patients to fill out forms and history prior to their appointment so you can see patients faster. They don’t have to spend time in your front office filling out forms and you don’t have to spend time on medical history at the beginning of the appointment.

Track Inventory easily

Keep track of your products with Modmed’s Inventory Management system. It provides quantity metrics by medical staff member, product, vendor, and provider. It also monitors your purchasing to locate applicable discounts.Your office will also receive alerts when a product is running low.

Like all of Modmed’s services, this system is customizable – create product and procedure groupings and distribute them to patients based on diagnosis. It also generates customizable reports based on features of your choosing: inventory list, sales tax, payment details, etc.

Practice Management and RCM

Modmed’s Practice Management system handles everything from patient appointments to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. Designed to augment many roles from your office, this system is the ultimate assistant.

For financial managers, the system provides billing workflow analysis, claim analysis, automatic claim submission, and tools for evaluating rejections and denials.

The system helps your front desk by verifying patient eligibility before appointments, offering easy-to-read patient financial statements, and even lists additional follow-up instructions and next steps for the patient when the appointment ends.

Doctors and other medical staff receive check-in alerts and patient location. They also can access their schedule via modmed’s mobile app PocketEMA™.

Finally, practice administrators have helpful revenue cycle tools that provide insight to key performance metrics and other analytic tools.

The system comes preset with dermatology specific codes, products, and costs to streamline the billing process for teams that have knowledge of billing.


Nextech offers a number of solutions for medical practices, including EMR, Practice Management, Revenue Management, and Patient Engagement. While their software is optimized for computers, they release an iPad app with some functionality. Their specialties are Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Medical Spa.

EMR/EHR System

Seamlessly switch between the office and other locations with Nextech’s EMR System, suitable for desktops and iPads. It offers many benefits, including:

Improve Inventory Tracking

This software facilitates easy inventory tracking and management through a number of built-in tools. When items are low-stock, you will receive pop-up reminders to replenish. You can create receipts, track orders, and view an all-encompassing history of purchases. It is not separate like modmed’s Inventory Tracking, but comes with the EMR software.

Decrease Office Time

Nextech’s iPad app works in conjunction with the desktop software to increase your mobility. You can view and edit patient records, lab files, and more from any location. Using your physician log-in, you can access your appointment schedule, lab reports, and to-dos from an easy-to-use homepage.

The app also allows you to dictate directly into patient charts and record information without leaving the patient’s side.

Expedite Documentation

From your iPad, you can pull up patient files and view relevant information from consent forms to diagnosis codes. Nextech allows integration with many major lab companies, so lab results will link directly to the patient’s file. You can also ePrescribe medication right from your iPad.

With minimal effort, you can set up automated billing for specific findings and procedures.

Track Patient Flow

Pinpoint efficiency problems and streamline your office process with Nextech’s patient tracking features. It follows the patient through each stage of their visit and records the time spent.

Practice Management and RCM

Nextech’s Practice Management system collects all your data in one place, reducing misplaced and lost information.

The advanced appointment scheduler helps patients find the first available appointment. It takes procedures and physician schedules into account. Front desk staff can easily schedule appointments without having to delete and recreate entries.

The PM system comes with a knowledge of all ICD-10 coding procedures and easily assists in the coding and submission of claims, minimizing denials and rejections.

The additional RCM system will file claims, make adjustments, and distribute refunds automatically. It estimates patient costs and mails billing statements. Its reports allow you to better understand claim denials and rejections. For practices that understand billing procedures, this software will increase billing organization and efficiently.


As the name suggests, CareCloud is a cloud-based software company, whose compatibility extends across all devices. They support a variety of specializations, from Dermatology to Primary Care, and offer EMR/EHR, PM/RCM, and other analytics systems.

EMR/EHR System

CareCloud’s EHR system is cloud-based so you can easily switch between all devices. Its features improve practice routines in ways such as:

Expedite your Diagnosis

The Carecloud System doesn’t just record information – it actively works with you to streamline your diagnosis and treatment process. Real-time support capabilities allow the system to identify drug interactions and recommend treatment plans.

Customize your Process

Your user interface is completely customizable and tailored to your preferences. You can configure charts and templates in ways that improve your efficiency, and share these settings with other users.

Easily View Patient Info

The patient chart pages provide a comprehensive medical summary for your patient, including medications, symptoms, allergies, vitals, labs, immunizations, and other treatment related categories. You can view each of these pages in depth, or utilize the quick access page to see the most important information

Engage Patients

The patient portal allows users to view records, diagnoses, and explanations online to better engage with the medical process.

CareCloud’s Breeze program integrates with the portal and expedites patient registration and check-ins. Patients can fill out forms and medical history questions before they reach your office. This program also automatically posts charges to patient accounts and allows them to pay online.

Practice Management and RCM

CareCloud Central addresses all your practice management needs. It automates mundane tasks like booking appointments and cleaning claims for submission. The software also allows your front office to easily verify insurance eligibility and aggregate all patient billing information.

CareCloud Command Center takes your practice’s data, analyses it, and generates easy reports to keep you informed about your practice’s key performance indicators, financial trends, and other relevant information.

CareCloud Concierge offers an integrated medical billing solution for practices that need limited billing help. You can submit claims directly through Concierge, which posts these claims and handles denials for you. The software also stays up to date with current billing and coding procedures, like ICD-10.


MEDENT is a medical practice software company that offers the complete package – EMR/EHR, patient engagement, and practice management. While they don’t cater to one specialty in particular, their software works with all practices, large and small.

EMR/EHR System

The magazine Medical Economics voted MEDENT’s EHR system as the #1 2015 EMR/EHR system in the nation. While their system is typically used on desktops, MEDENT also offers a mobile app so you can view your patient records from anywhere, anytime. Their programs were compatibility designed with Disease Management and Health Maintenance formulas and offer such benefits as:

Meet Compliance Standards

Medent’s EHR system is conscious of MIPA and MACRA compliance and delivers custom comparison graphs and special dashboards. This  allows you to easily monitor your status. The system also works to clarify and simply the process involved with CCM and HHC.

Simplify Patient Experience

The advanced patient portal offered by Medent simplifies patient visits by offering clear eStatements and easy payment options. Your patient can manage their appointments through the eVisits tool and even manage prescriptions through Patient HX.

It also supports HIPAA compliant direct messaging so you can communicate with your patients quickly and concisely.

Optimize Treatment Process

Medent creates content for over thirty different medical specialties, and consequently allows physicians to customize the way they document, from touch to speaking.

Mobile integration allows physicians to document while caring for the patient.

ePrescription is also available through Medent’s system, creating an easier environmentally -friendly prescription process.

Practice Management and RCM

Medent’s chart system is linked with the eSuperbill, charge entry, and posting areas. You are able to submit claims and manage your billing directly from the program. The system also generates a myriad of interactive reports, which can be printed at your discretion.

Medent also provides the Uniform Data System (UDS) reports which are crucial for the designation Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).

Wrapping it up

While dermatology billing softwares provide valuable reports and resources, they assume you have billing knowledge and the time to file your claims. While the reports can be helpful, they aren’t personalized to your office and might be confusing.

Hiring a medical billing company gives you access to professionals that can explain every rejection, denial, and adjustment. They do the billing work for you, so you can focus on providing ?the best care possible ?to your patients

Consider hiring a dermatology billing company that will complete all your billing accurately and efficiency.

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