The Best Dermatology Practice Software (According to Me)

November 13, 2021

The Best Dermatology Practice Software

I can promise you a few things with confidence…

Someone is going to be unhappy.

You won’t think it’s perfect.

It’s still pretty great.

Time is money folks, and efficiency saves time. So repeat after me:

Less clicks, more better.

There are dozens of options when it comes to electronic medical records (EMR) / electronic health records (EHR) / practice management (PM) / revenue cycle management (RCM) software…

So how do you choose the best dermatology practice software for your practice?

This is a quick read of a few of the top/most common options. If you’d rather have an in-depth discussion of “how to pick” topic, just contact John and he’ll give you a personal 45-minute rant session on it.

Otherwise…we’ve got you.

We use over 50 programs every single day, which affords us a unique vantage point.

We also beta test everything that gets thrown at us.

We invest in industry tech. We advise in the space.

Basically, we’re absolute dorks.


We don’t pay to play. We don’t take referral fees. We don’t pick favorites. We don’t think this is one size fits all. We don’t think our opinion is better than anyone else’s.

BUT…we do think we know what we’re talking about though…so we hope this helps a little.


Nextech is a health care technology solution for specialty providers, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and ophthalmologists. The company provides specialty practices with solutions to improve efficiency, patient experience, and profitability.

Nextech’s EMR software is incredibly malleable and robust, offering plenty of customization. It is particularly strong from a practice management (PM) perspective. The billing system is reliable and it includes a great financial ledger that keeps your transactions organized and clean. Strong workflow. Strong functionality. Strong PM/RCM/EMR.

With nearly 25 years in the business, Nextech has a good amount of market share and has become a primary solution for dermatologists and plastic surgeons alike…some call them the gorilla in the game.

Nextech offers specialty providers with quoting, inventory management, a surgery center module, advanced analytics, a newly announced integrated payment portal, and solid customer service.


This award-winning specialty-specific electronic health records system aims to keep your focus on the patient and not the software. Modmed, or Modernizing Medicine, was built by a specialists and real patients, resulting in a system that feels like you designed it yourself. If Nextech is King Kong…ModMed is Godzilla.

ModMed’s strength lies within the documentation flow of its EMR, which is an intuitive system that codes with and for you. This system pushes the provider to walk through a clinical thought process with checkboxes that drive downstream impact for things such as coding.

ModMed has a larger market share in dermatology, but also offers a quality plastic surgery module. 

Focused on being that all-in-one solution for specialty practices, ModMed launched the practice management (PM) system ModMed BOOST to integrate with its EHR several years back and continues improving its practice management system, launching an integrated payment system this past year. 

ModMed continues to grow and develop and provides a strong internal communication system. They also leverage Qlik, an industry-agnostic reporting module as a major value add. It also provides an excellent dashboard-based reporting tool.


This electronic health records (EHR) solution was specifically designed for dermatologists. With a documentation flow similar to ModMed, EZDERM provides a bit more customization. A nice middle ground really.

EZDERM really shines with its beautiful dashboard that monitors financial KPIs as well as marketing and task management. This PM solution provides a great embedded daily workflow and robust billing system.

The customer service, in our humble opinion, is hands-down the best in the industry.  

EZDERM also offers a strong integrated billing service.


This product was developed with the combined expertise of professionals from various industries aiming to streamline health care. The cloud-based system strives to improve the patient experience while increasing productivity and revenue.

Remedly is reiterating quickly and is developing improvements with immediate client impact monthly. It provides a very strong billing dashboard as well as EHR, plugins, a quoting module, and integrated payments.  Everyone talks about AI these days…well Remedly is building the automation into the platform in a genuinely novel fashion. AKA the robots are really coming…

Customers are pleased with Remedly’s user-friendly interface, accessibility, customization and huge efficiency drivers.


Symplast is the comprehensive solution for Plastic Surgeons, Medical Spas, and more. Boasting an intuitive Patient App, Marketing Analytics, best-in-class EHR, Practice Management System, Insurance Billing, and more.

Enter the disruptor…Symplast brings EHR/EMR/PMs to the world of Apps. So what does this mean? Workflows driven at allowing the provider to serve the patient without software between the two! What an idea!

Symplast comes with the bells and whistles of an aesthetic/cosmetic-focused practice like quoting and retail as well.

Decrease Time & Increase Profits with the Best Dermatology Practice Software

These EMRs all are designed to decrease the amount of time you spend on data intake and management, while increasing your time with patients—ultimately increasing profits.

When you employ an effective and innovative software system, your practice operates more smoothly and efficiently. 

Need further guidance on which system is best for your practice? Contact Auctus Group, we’ll point you in the right direction.

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