How Does Clinic Appointment Scheduling Software Help My Practice?

August 26, 2021
by Admin

Why do I need appointment scheduling software when I can just use Google calendar…like I have an iPhone…

Do you like paying your staff to do stuff a system can do?  Does your team spend time scheduling appointments, fielding rescheduling calls, sending appointment reminders, and dealing with no-shows? Take those tasks and multiply it by your number of patients. Wouldn’t your employees’ talents be better spent doing other things?

Some quick stats to upset you because why not: No-show rates in healthcare range from 12% to 80%, leading to wasted time and resources. A recent study reported that 67,000 no-shows cost healthcare providers an estimated $7 million!

It’s 2021. We all have Calendly.  We have robots that spit dog treats and let you talk to them during the day (it’s called a Furbo and my lovely girlfriend purchased one for our home…this isn’t funny, it is serious) Technology exists that can not only sling turd sized dog treats, but can also help your practice save a lot of time and resources when scheduling appointments. By automating part of the process with scheduling software, your clinic can run more efficiently.

What automation can patient scheduling software provide?

In short, all the easy stuff.  Data entry, registration, booking, rescheduling…there will never be an excuse to not have a human on the other end of the phone, but what don’t you book online these days?  I don’t even know how to schedule food delivery without an app anymore…ugh…I’m such a millennial…gross.

We’re underselling this.  Let’s be specific…what patient scheduling services can do for you:

Gather information

  • Use the software to request important patient information prior to an appointment, saving you and the patient time on appointment day…like demographics, insurance, automatically confirm the insurance info is active and accurate.

Provide an information hub

  • Many healthcare providers now offer a patient portal, which allows patients to access information about their appointments, procedures, records, and account…AKA no more phone calls.

Improve communication

  • Through scheduling software, both you and the patient can avoid cumbersome back-and-forth calls and long hold times. Plus, patients can now make and change appointments outside of business hours…AKA no more phone calls again…

Improve efficiency

  • The software helps your staff track patient referrals and medical history….and schedule, without you, because you have a template…and for all you out there saying “my schedule is too fluid, we make it work for our patients” save it for your significant other when you get home late.  Set a boundary.  Set a structure.  Quit fitting everyone in…it’s for your own good.

Decrease no-shows

  • Thanks to automated reminders through emails, calls, and/or texts, patients know about their upcoming appointment without your office taking the time to contact them…oh and some of these systems require a card to book, which means you get your no show fee before they no show.

How does a patient scheduling software help my business?

Scheduling takes time.  Time is money. Automating some of your scheduling process will help you save time and money.

Ever heard of a recall?  No?!  Really?!?! Imagine this…

Jane Doe comes in for procedure X, which requires 3-month upkeep.  Your system tracks patients who come in for X and makes sure they’re booked every 3 months or else it sends them a tickler email campaign to book again.  It also knows that if you have procedure X you should buy retail item Y and sends emails about sales on item Y.  And you?  You do nothing.  You don’t even know this is happening because it’s all set up for you.  Tooooootally not worth it at all is it?

Remember that awful stat about the cost of no-show appointments in healthcare? Here’s a better one: using scheduling software with automated reminders can decrease no-shows by more than 20%. And that’s just one benefit to your business.

How to pick which software is right for you

Keep in mind that scheduling is going to be 1/10 modules in whatever you buy…so know your priorities.  Do you care more about scheduling or the EMR?  EMR or the task manager?  Task manager or the cost?  You’ve heard me say this before but don’t be a Scrooge McDuck…this is the #1 tool you will use outside of your hands/brain and your staff!  So pony up! Gosh.

Not sure where to start?  Call your friendly neighborhood consultant (backlink)

Home Stretch

Here’s the deal: Clinic appointment scheduling software has a lot of benefits, but the benefits vary depending on the specific needs of your practice. Don’t go it alone!

Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll help you weed through the dozens of scheduling software options. Lean on our expertise to match your practice with the best product and reap the benefits!

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