February 21, 2022
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Search engines handle approximately 2.45 million searches for health-related topics, and over 100,000 searches for “plastic surgery” every month. Just think about what the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can do for  your plastic surgery practice.

SEO is using a set of practices to improve the positioning and appearance of your web pages. It increases the chances of potential patients finding your website in organic search results. More visibility means more patients will include your services to evaluate their options.

A robust plastic surgery SEO strategy is essential if you want the quantity of visitors to produce quality traffic on your site.

Fundamentals of Plastic Surgery SEO

Increasing your online visibility and attracting new patients improves when plastic surgeon SEO tactics become part of your marketing. Whether you specialize in cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, you want new patients to choose you before they choose the competition.

Key elements of your SEO strategy include:

  • Relevant Content/Blogging – enrich service pages with relevant content for different procedures; use SEO to optimize blog posts and capture leads for consultations and appointments
  • Link Building – trade spammy link building techniques like buying links for links to trusted authority sites
  • Title Tags – as the cornerstone of SEO, title tags tell search engines what each page on your website is about; eye-catching headlines are your first chance to grab potential patients’ attention
  • User Experience – get rewarded with a high-ranking website by pairing plastic surgery SEO with user experience; ensure your site is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly and has engaging content

Proven Ways to Boost Rankings for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

The importance of visibility is not a lost message to you. In fact, your profession centres on how a person is perceived when noticed by others. Likewise, your website tells potential patients what to expect from your practice.

Unless you rank high on search engines, most people will never know about your plastic surgery practice. Start with an SEO audit to find ways to improve visibility, usability and ultimately conversion of visitors to clients.

Look for weaknesses and opportunities for improvements to:

  • Site optimization
  • Fresh content dates
  • Keyword targets
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Title Tags

Content is king for relevant information and backlinks are queen for quality links that direct back to your website. Build backlinks by contacting popular blogs and offering to guest post. Create unique content and select the right blog to increase traffic and get qualified leads.

Getting Started with Plastic Surgery SEO 

Once you decide to take advantage of plastic surgery SEO, remember to always create valuable content for potential patients and search engines. In practice, you should treat your online presence the same way you treat patient consultation rooms.

Keep your plastic surgery practice website clean, organized and welcoming. Plan out your SEO strategy with proven techniques that show you are the authority in your field. Investing in SEO services allows you to focus on the day-to-day operations that new patients will bring.

Hire an SEO Company for a Winning Strategy

Without question, the website for your plastic surgery practice is the foundation of a digital marketing campaign. Great rankings are just the beginning. You need to keep people interested in learning enough to hire you.

Don’t risk gaining higher visibility and losing patients. A comprehensive plastic surgery SEO strategy can help you win the online marketing race. When prospective patients go online, they will find the services that you provide first.
While The Auctus Group provides you with top-notch operations consulting, Logical SEO is an excellent choice for SEO strategy and execution.

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