Affordable Medication for YOUR Patients

May 8, 2021
by Admin

Medications cost too much…

Sick of having to consider “is this affordable” alongside “is this what my patient needs? Your patients are sick of worrying about medication costs too. I personally went to the dermatologist in the not-so-distant past for eczema and there were a few different solutions for a few different areas on the body. I remember showing up at the pharmacy…to be told one of the three ran $400 for a tube I could fit in a thimble. My response “yeah I’m not buying that.” Honestly, I think it was more me channeling my inner father than anything else… ”dishonest pricing,” I could hear him muttering in the back of my head.

There are medication pricing solutions out there…

Blink Health is one of them. It works by negotiating pricing directly with producers to ofter lower pricing for your patients…so you can worry about treating them with the medication of choice and not focusing on how much the medication will cost your patients.

Simple prescription process…

There’s a simple online solution, a network of pharmacies or it may even integrate with your EHR/PM system if you’re using the Modernizing Medicines of the world!

The medication pricing just makes sense…

Need some proof in pricing? Check out the affordable medication pricing options below.

Looking for other solutions for cost saving in your practice?

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