Donation Provides Services to Breast Cancer Survivors

January 11, 2022
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Donation Provides Services to Breast Cancer Survivors

The devastation cancer has on its patients goes far beyond surgeries and treatments. The mental and emotional toll cancer takes on survivors can prove debilitating.

Treatment for breast cancer serves as a prime example. In order to remove cancerous tissue, surgery is an option that will reduce or fully remove affected breast tissue. Known as a mastectomy, this procedure might take part or all of the breast, depending on the severity of the cancer. A mastectomy will remove cancerous tissue, but it can lead to physical and emotional scars for cancer patients as they lose a physical part of their body that defines them.

Restorative surgery is an option that many breast cancer survivors choose in order to rebuild their breasts. But breast reconstruction might not be possible for those without insurance who already have spent a significant amount of money on the initial surgery and treatments.

Thanks to the generosity of Mentor, one of the top suppliers of breast implants worldwide, breast reconstruction has become much more accessible to those who choose it.

Mentor recently donated to the Breast Restoration Advocacy and Education (BRAVE) Coalition, which provides BRAVE with a supply of devices that aid in breast reconstruction. The coalition can now equip pro bono surgeons with the tools needed to carry out such procedures. As a result, breast cancer survivors who have been waiting years to close the book on that harrowing period of their life can finally do so without breaking the bank in the process.

Access to restorative surgery is a critical step in the breast cancer treatment process. Insurance doesn’t always cover the cost of reconstruction, and without donations like those through BRAVE and Mentor, survivors who wish to pursue restoration may not even have the choice.

While opting for additional surgery after cancer treatment may sound unappealing at first, there are some notable benefits. If reconstruction is not an option, patients will use breast prosthesis to keep bras, bathing suits or other supporting garments secure. Breast reconstruction can help patients to return to their pre-op structure, which can help to ease the recovery process.

The BRAVE Coalition strives to empower breast cancer patients by promoting education on insurance rights related to breast restoration procedures and helping women to regain the life that breast cancer has attempted to take away. Its community of medical professionals, breast cancer survivors, and supporters is dedicated to making sure that every woman diagnosed with the debilitating disease is prepared for the battle ahead, as well as what comes after.

Those looking to support these efforts can donate by visiting the website. The site also contains a variety of resources pertaining to breast cancer and its treatments.

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