Medical Bookkeeping

With structured, well-organized medical bookkeeping and careful cost/contract analysis we can minimize expenses and improve your bottom line.


Medical Bookkeeping

With structured, well-organized medical bookkeeping and careful cost/contract analysis we can minimize expenses and improve your bottom line.


bookkeeping and Expense Management

One of the most daunting challenges that many practices face is getting a solid handle on their bookkeeping.  It is also one of the most important facets of a getting a solid grasp on your finances as a whole.  Measuring revenue centers, assessing vender contracts and managing your expenses all require diligence in reconciliation from daily closes, to a true financial close at month end and of course year end as well.  The Auctus Group has implemented AP systems, trained on best practices and taken a hands on approach to medical practice books over many years - we know what works and what doesn't as well as what you need to do to protect your practice from the dangers of not keeping a close eye on your bookkeeping.

We know your venders and we know your expense charts.  Let our experience and relationships with the markets that affect your bottom line drive your expenses down to maximize your savings.   We know plastic surgery and dermatology medical bookkeeping.



Is your practice reconciling to the dollar on a daily basis?  Are you reconciling monthly?  We can instill process to make sure your deposits stay secure and books stay clean.

Are you keeping an eye on your monthly expenses?  Do you have your company divisions tracked from professional services, to facility, to medspa?  Let us help you get your chart of accounts in order so you can see the whole financial picture.



The name of the game with credit card processing is usually undercut the other guy and maximize your take home.  Not for us.  We provide this service to offer savings to our clients, not to make a buck.  

Our processing partner can set you up with an online payment portal, a cosmetic pre-payment portal, mobile payment fobs and traditional terminals.  The best part?  They are family run and support is local.

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vender relations and contract management 

We know your venders and the pricing you should be getting.  Too many providers get stuck in bad contracts, with inflated pricing and terms that are way too lengthy.  Let us provide that buffer between the sales reps and your team to make sure you get the deal you deserve.

Have you audited your expenses and made sure you're accessing GPO level pricing lately?

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small business loans

You probably have your eye on a renovation, a new device, an expansion, a new provider...a step in the direction of growth in one form or another. 

Our small business lending partner specializes in medical and excels because of their rates as well as their service.  Take a look at what they have to usually beats what your banker is offering you.

Have you taken a look at our billing services?  managing billing in house can be expensive.


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