At The Auctus Group, we want to always do the best, be our best, and exemplify the best.  Easier said than done and not always easy to figure what that means in plain English.  So below is our cheesy, but genuine description of the culture that we strive to create, nurture, and uphold day in and day out.


This one is a no-brainer.  Integrity drives how we work and how we make our decisions on the most basic levels and in the most ubiquitous of ways.  Trust, appropriate decision making, and honor are key in every single thing we do so this just make sense as our top value.


To us there is no such thing as being “too communicative.”  We strive to be scary-fast responsive, but not to the detriment of poise, knowledge, and accuracy.  We aim to collaborate and we are not afraid to ask questions.  Working in a remote capacity and aiming to provide the feel of an in-house employee, it is important we stay communicative as we made is part of who we are.


Ultimately, this is who we are…a service company.  We want our clients to feel we are in this together and simply put, it’s because we are.  Our goals aren’t just problem solving and completing tasks.  It’s about making sure the person we are serving gets what they’re looking for and more!  We want to go above and beyond in respect and courteousness, maintain a high level of empathy, and always remember to take the initiative.


Kind of a weird one right (not even a noun in this context like the rest of our values)?  Well so are we...kind of.  It’s defined as objectively new or different to be exact.  We encourage our staff think outside the box… how can we set ourselves apart? One of the great things about our company and our team is that we do things a bit differently.  It starts with being 100% remote.  We are incredibly flexible with our clients.  We also only specialize in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.  We aren’t just billers either.  We do more, do better work, and strive to break the mold of companies like and around us.



Every day we judge our success not only by what we've done, but by what we've learned to do.  Our entire company is driven by learning and it is embedded in everything we do.  We are proud to tout that we require our employees to take at least an hour a week to put the work down and concentrate on bettering themselves.  When we grow, we can better serve you so we work at it consistently and obsessively.