Decrease coding errors and increase revenue with a plastic surgery billing company that suits your needs. This list contains the best plastic surgery billing companies in the U.S.

Plastic Surgery Billing Companies

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1. The Auctus Group

The Auctus Group manages your medical billing needs so you can focus on what matters - your patients. With a relentless team of creative problem solvers, they guarantee increased revenue for your plastic surgery practice. Auctus's careful and individualized attention allows them to pinpoint best practices and increase your bottom line.  The Auctus Group only services the aesthetic medical market so they can focus on what they know best rather than trying to help everyone.  They also provide a number of practice management consulting services!

Specialties: Exclusively Plastic Surgery Billing, Bookkeeping, Consulting

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2. IntegraMDP

IntegraMDP’s commitment to quality assurance guarantees the accurate and efficient billing that your practice needs. They use the latest technology with a metric-driven system to ensure an excellent billing experience.

Specialties: Medical Billing, Denial Tracking, EHR Review

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3. Quantum medical billing

With multiple specialties in their arsenal, Quantum Medical Billing (QMB) makes an effective outsourced billing partner for your practice. The firm values traditional billing procedures that will increase cash flow for your practice.

Specialties: Medical Billing, ASC Billing

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4. ML Medical Billing

With decades of experience under their belts, the staff at ML Medical Billing will identify and correct the errors in your current billing procedures with ease. Their reach spans nationwide and across many specialties, so you are sure to receive service that meets your needs.

Specialties: Medical Billing, Credentialing

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