Better late than never!

We are so pleased to share a look into our first ever all company outing!

Not only is our group full of incredible and unique people; but seeing us all together in one place was one of the more proud moments of the company thus far. 

So, let’s begin!



Lauren, our North Carolina resident, flew in on Thursday. Jillian, the New Jersey native flew in Friday evening, and Julie our most recent Arkansas export came in Friday as well!

We are all otherwise in the Chicago land area, but sometimes even being in the same state makes it difficult to bring us all in one place. That’s why this first ever outing proved to be so exciting!



1st team meeting

        We were initially going to involve everyone in some exciting and educational D.I.S.C. training, but due to some unexpected circumstances, that portion of our meeting had to be postponed.  The cancellation was extremely short notice, and as in the real world, things happen! But we regrouped, and as a team figured it out and came together to whip up some ideas!  Thanks to Insperity, we were able to have some great space to use for our meeting in beautiful downtown Chicago.

       The meeting was held, had some lunch, and then once business was handled, it was time to enjoy what our city has to offer! The team then took a quick ride to the dock and we enjoyed an amazing 90 minute architectural tour on the Chicago River.  It was a little windy, but we were able to enjoy some cocktails, good conversation, and impressive sights.  

        Once we completed the tour, we took a quick 5 min walk to Howell & Hood and had some great food and time spent with one another!  



       Day 2:  Though not everyone was able to join in on this portion, the head honchos along with some of the team took to the streets of Chinatown!  The weather was great and luckily more sight seeing was able to be had.  

      No words can truly describe the pride that we all felt with our first company meeting, but we look forward to many more!  Thanks again to everyone that took the time to come out and be a part of this.  We have a great team which true to our name, will just continue to grow and do so together.  We are so excited for everything to come and look forward to sharing our continuing progress!

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