I Hate Medical Billing and Coding (there’s gotta be an app for that right?)

August 26, 2021
by Admin

So…you’re an MD, a medical biller without coding experience, you work at a private practice and have had this terrifying task voluntold to you, or you’ve married into this conundrum and operate as forced labor…

Bad news first…I can’t make you a coder…not even a good one…it takes experience (the certification is a +).

Good news: There are some really simple tools/tips so you can at least fly casually under the radar as “acceptable” until you decide to hire some experts.


How to find a CPT from your cell phone: There is indeed an app for that! In fact, it is brought to you by the AAPC so, like, it’s gotta be good right? We don’t use it because we work from our computers, but we know/trust the AAPC. App here! The link is for the Apple App Store, but if you have a dumb phone they do have an android version too so don’t fret!

**We have gotten some slightly negative feedback about the word search function not being 1000% intuitive. Check it out. Make sure you like it. Worst case, cancel the subscription…or forget to cancel it like the 17 other apps you still pay for and don’t remember…it will be like the Hinge profile you never used in med school because you were too busy.


What if I want to do it on my computer? Well, that’s quite forward of you. We recommend Codify and Safari Private Mode. The former is an AAPC product. DO NOT USE an Optum product. Guess who owns Optum…the baddies. Do you want the jerks that “pay you” for your services to give you advice on how they can pay you more? Didn’t think so.


How to find and record a CPT from your cell phone (AKA Charge Capture): Good for you! You know you aren’t going to remember squat from your rounds. Also do you really want to keep snapping pictures of computer screens and texting your billing team while racking up 50K HIPAA violations? Seriously. Stop.

What if you had an App where you could capture the facesheet, the superbill, and all that good stuff in a HIPAA compliant way from your cell without sneaking secret screenshots like a creep? You guessed it! There’s an app for that too! App here. Nerdy like we are? Great, we have better news for you. This tech can API to the hospital source system AND push data to your PM if either/both have open APIs and will play nice in the sandbox! Worst case you get a delivery report for manual entry.


What if I just want a book? Kill the rainforest then. Who cares. Also, you’ll pay more. $300/book/year. Seriously? Do you really need the book? Actually, if you’re honestly using a book, you should just throw it out and hire us. If you don’t think we provide more value than the book we’ll buy you new ones for the next 5 years. Seriously, $300/yr/book is the least of our problems if we don’t blow that crap out of the water.


Don’t want to code at all? Great. We’ll do it. Call us.

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