How To Attract More Patients

May 8, 2021
by Admin

Attracting Patients is not easy.

Nor is it simple.

…and how do you find the right company?

…or the right strategy?

As you’re aware…marketing is not our bag at Auctus.

And this isn’t a one size fits all solution…

But we found something cool we wanted to share.

Think of this as a “teach a person to fish” approach!

The ONEFIRE Patient Growth Program packages 10+ years of healthcare marketing expertise into a proven framework for practices that want to grow faster.

The PGP gives practices a clear plan for consistent growth, plus the necessary tools and coaching to drive success in execution.

Many successful plastic surgery and dermatology practices want more new patients, but hit a plateau with their current marketing strategy. The Patient Growth Program helps those practices add more new patients every month, resulting in predictable growth and measurable marketing ROI.

If your practice lacks a proven method for generating new patients, the Patient Growth Program is for you. You’ll work through our proven 9-Step framework with three distinct phases: Align, Automate, and Attract.

Each step of the way, you’ll have the coaching and tools you need to help ensure success in the program. Throughout the duration of the program, you’ll also be part of a community of healthcare practices overcoming similar challenges and working towards similar goals.

This is a selective program. We only want good fit plastic surgery and dermatology practices who are open to learning, willing to put the work in, and ready to show up to grow faster. In short: we want practices who are going to be successful. If that’s not you, we won’t waste your time or ours. After a 45-minute strategy call to discuss details, you’ll be able to apply for the program. There’s an upfront cost to be a part of the Patient Growth Program, but no long-term commitment after the program is completed.

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