Productive outcomes require solid training and procedural accountability.  We have literally written the handbook on financial and operations processes from you front desk, to your billers, to your bookkeeper and beyond.  Do you have the financial check points to prevent theft in your practice?  Is anyone reconciling your inventory?  Are financial expectations set properly for your patients prior to surgery to prevent headaches on the back end?  

We have developed, implemented and trained staff on the challenging intricacies of the plastics practice.  There is an inherent duality to running cosmetic and reconstructive workflows in the same practice and we have it down to a science.

are you missing that key staff member or do you need to find someone new?

Finding good people is costly and time consuming.  Let us relieve you of that burden.


We proudly partner with New Roots Solutions a boutique firm with industry specific experience and an unrelenting focus on customer service that mirrors our own.  Through this partnership we have been able to assist our clients with every in office position from administration, to clinical, to aesthetics, to clerical.